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Decorating an apartment can be tricky because it’s usually a small space, but with a little bit of creativity and some practical tips, you can make your apartment look and feel like home.

For 2017, trends involve making the most of small spaces and giving rooms a bright and welcoming feel. Here are a few of the hottest apartment decorating ideas of the year that you should keep in mind while revamping your space.

Mixed Patterns

Mixing patterns is doing double duty as both a new fashion trend and a style for interior design. While clashing patterns used to be seen as busy, incorporating mixed patterns is now all the rage. Choose patterned comforters and rugs to introduce this trend to your apartment.

Floating Shelves

Stagger floating shelves on the walls to store books and keepsakes or to display pictures and decorations. These can be adjusted and placed anywhere so you can have enough room to store and display whatever you’d like.

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Mirrors are often used to make small spaces look bigger, so if you want your apartment to feel a little less cramped, strategically place a large mirror in the living room or bedroom. Place it across from a window so it reflects natural light back into the room.

Light Pink Décor

Pale pinks have become an MVP in terms of interior design color schemes recently. People are bored with traditional neutrals like browns and whites. Light pink offers a fairly basic color that still has a bit of personality. Include pale pink tones to your furniture or on your wall to take advantage of this trend. Consider a color scheme that combines light pink, marble and gold accents.

Fake Marble Tables

Marble coffee tables have been a trending décor item for a few years now, but instead of spending money on a marble table, why not make your own? Grab a coffee table or side table from a garage sale and give it an upscale look by adding faux marble wallpaper or paint to the top. This will be the perfect accent piece for your living room.

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Velvet Accents

Velvet accents give any room a classy and upscale feel while still being modern and comfortable. Velvet accent chairs, a velvet headboard or velvet seating are unique touches to add to your apartment. If the velvet is too formal for you, dress it down with a distressed wood piece nearby.

Open Storage

Short on storage space? Instead of squeezing pots and pans in the smallest areas, purchase a large metal shelving unit for storage. Keep all your extra kitchen essentials on the shelves. Use baskets and small decorative items to keep the shelves visually pleasing. You can employ the same strategy with bookcases and smaller shelving units for other rooms of the apartment, like the entryway or bedroom.

Hexagon Accent Piece

Say farewell to the rectangular or circular coffee and end tables and introduce a hexagon accent piece to your living room. Hexagonal shaped pieces like side tables, small mirrors, stools, and even lamps are stunning pieces that transform any room. This trend will be a great conversation starter when you have company. Hexagons are also making an appearance in landscape trends, too.

Command Center

Organization is key in your apartment, so include a command center where you can keep track of bills, mail and calendars. This can be a small desk or a hanging file system. Anything that helps you stay organized in the apartment will be good for you and will help you look like you have everything in order, even if it doesn’t always feel like it.

Plants Galore

Plants and flowers have always been a decorating staple but now more than ever, bringing green into your apartment is a definite win. Whether you include small plants on side tables or a large plant near a window, plants bring life into the apartment.

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Consider golden pothos and snake plants for easy to take care of plants that clean the air for you! Terrariums are also a big trend right now and green-up your space —with very little upkeep. Greenery is the color of the year, so don’t be afraid to bring a lot of plants into your home.

Which of these trends are you excited to try in your apartment? Get creative and make your new apartment into a home with these ideas!

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