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Here at this blog we do not give legal advice, but we do, of course, try our best to be responsive to the questions we are asked. So, we take your questions to industry professionals for their input. They want you to know that this is a very general response and overview: There is currently no legal standard or timeline as to criminal convictions or adjudications when dealing with a private (not government) landlord.  However, many landlords do have policies about renting to people with criminal backgrounds. This is not because these landlords are unforgiving or mean, but rather because of liability and lawsuits that can and do arise if a resident does something bad. It is often then argued that it is really the landlord’s fault because the “landlord knew or should have known that this resident would do something bad again.” When dealing with a private landlord, inquire early on as to what their policy is as relates to criminal backgrounds – even if you did not end up getting convicted of any crimes. If you meet their requirements, then you should apply. If you do not meet their requirements, then it is not worth your time or theirs to continue the application process. It is never a good idea to hold back information. Giving false information (by not telling about a criminal background situation when asked) can result in a lease being terminated if, in fact, you do get to rent from that landlord.

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