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Text-A-Resident The mobile market is booming, and while you may have joined the latest trend with a mobile phone purchase of your own,  this technology can now be incorporated into your community by reaching residents and prospects in the way they most prefer—text messaging.  In return, your community can save time and resources with just a quick trip to the computer.  With an easy log in to your chosen texting platform, designated employees can type in a short text message and with a simple click, your message is in the hands of your subscribed residents, prospects or both. Imagine reaching your residents quickly with notifications like:
Want to take your text campaign even further? Utilize cross-promotion partnerships, as shown by For Rent Media Solutions in this former post, to offer local deals and discounts in your text messages like, “Have you tried the new fitness center across the street? Show this text and receive a membership for 1 month free!”
Data released in February 2011 from SatisFacts, a national apartment-resident survey firm, shows that cell phone (53.9 percent) and email (55.7 percent) are neck and neck as residents’ number one preferred method of communication.  In addition, you can be rest assured that residents and prospective renters will get the message in a direct and timely manner with text message open rates reaching a staggering 98 percent versus email open rates only averaging 22 percent.*  Choosing text messaging for your communication vehicle can also eliminate the worry of reaching residents with time-sensitive information.  With 85 percent of cell phone users opening an unread text message within 15 minutes of receiving it,** your residents can appreciate being kept in the loop as soon as situations occur.
Stand out among your competition. Prospects can "opt-in" on property tours and receive your follow up text message.While meeting the goal of reaching renters any time, any place,  incorporating a text message campaign can improve your marketing efforts and resident satisfaction. Avoid wasting time and decrease the risk of your carefully developed message falling into the bottomless pit of emails. Want to make an impact on prospects and stand out among the competition?  Have prospective renters opt-in to your text message program while visiting your property and send follow-up texts easily tailored to their preferences and needs. Before recipients can take advantage of the offers and information you provide them, they need to give permission to be added to your text database by sending a text to a specific number with a keyword, often referred to as “opting-in.” To help persuade them to “opt-in” to receive your text messages, we have included some inexpensive tips to build your text database below.

Build Your Text Database With These Hot Tips:

Text-A-Resident Text-A-Prospect Be sure to stay tuned for future communication on making mobile a successful part of your marketing plan by subscribing to the YourSolutions Blog.   * Frost & Sullivan ** Mobile Marketing and Advertising Agency, Textopoly

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