It takes one to know one… a community manager that is! The task of community and Facebook humanitarian is sure to keep one on his or her toes. It’s always good to know what others in a peer group have to say. Mashable recently shared great insight from community managers of notable brands. Take it from these guys, they know how you feel!   1. Don’t be a one-hit wonder: Teresa Wu, community manager at Google Docs, says rather than sporadically connecting with users, establish a humanistic connection to create a long lasting relationship. Invite them to a community event and take the time to get to know your residents. Valuing them as individuals rather than renters makes a huge difference.   2. Set up meet and greets: Etsy Community Strategist, Morgan Evans, has found success by encouraging members of a community to meet with one another and form groups that draw out commonalities that would otherwise remain dormant. Promoting peer networks is a great way to jumpstart engagement and makes your residents feel supported. Setting up Facebook events for your residents is a great way to get the ball rolling.   3. Seeing is believing: Use photos to connect to your residents. McKee Floyd, director of brand development at Sweetgreen, uses photos to do a lot of the work for him. Knowing the power of image association, he says his Facebook fans see the image and make the connection to head to Sweetgreen’s Instagram page. Instagram photos can be shared on Facebook. By pairing the creativity of Instagram with the viral quality of Facebook, you double the power of your campaign and engage multiple users. McKee also shared a cross-pollination tip: “Photos or content featuring your product or branding are priceless. Use a tool like to share these photos easily on your Pinterest page or Facebook Page. Always give a shout out to the creator — they’ll appreciate the kudos and keep spreading your brand love.”   4. Identify your power residents: Morgan of Etsy touches on some good points. Knowing those in your community who are vocal online is vital to your business. Word of mouse is just as, and maybe more, powerful than word of mouth. Support these people as much as possible. They are some of your most valuable assets. Ask them to use the Recommendations App to post a referral to attract new potential residents.   5. Helps us help you: Jonathan Goldman of Jetsetter says to get to know your customer service team. You may not always know the answer but a social media specialist with the For Rent Marketplace Team can help!  

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