“Nope, I don’t want anyone talking about me or engaging with my brand,” said no one ever. On the contrary, community managers are ALWAYS looking for new ways to promote their brand and gain a new audience. The same goes for the multifamily housing industry. Next to appearance, word of mouth AND word of mouse are two highly influential tools that can work for an apartment community.   Here are some tips on how to get your audience to engage with your brand.  
  1. Who says hashtags are for Twitter only? Although they were originally made to track conversations on Twitter, hashtags are increasingly part of the savvy consumer’s vernacular. Hashtags are popping up on Facebook and are used to coin certain phrases that are meant to maintain consistency. Create your own hashtag for certain days or holidays and incorporate it in your content, such as #ThrowBackThursday and #FunPhotoFriday.
  3. Incorporate other social networks like Pinterest into your Facebook page. Seeing as our industry is very visual, Pinterest is great tool that allows you to share photos linked to useful sources like blogs and other websites.
  5. Ask more questions. Sometimes we get so focused on speaking to our audience, we forget to ask them what they want to talk about. Adding interactive questions to the mix provides great insight on the kind of content to share for the future.
  7. ‘Caption This’ photos are a community manager’s secret weapon! Post pictures that give room for your audience to caption what the picture illustrates. Make sure to give photo credit if the picture is not an original!  
  9. Ask for a recommendation. In a recent #AptChat session via Twitter, Mike Brewer of MBrewer Group shared that an Online Renter survey showed only 8% of residents have been asked to leave a review. Over 60% would if asked.  He says, “ASK the people you do business with to give you a rating and or review.” It’s that simple.  

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