Dear Fair Housing Lady, Can you confirm the protected categories in the state of Michigan? Is there a current listing of all states with all protected categories? The websites I have looked at include MI state categories of age, sexual preference, and legal and verifiable source of income. In my notes from a loooong time ago, I have height and weight. Whats right?”.   Hello, Kim.  Nice to hear from you!  Your question prompted some on line research on my part and what I have found is that it appears at the State level that Michigan has added age, marital status, height and weight (protections in addition to the 7 federally protected classes of race, color, religion, national origin, sex/gender, familial status and disability).  But it can be confusing and challenging because many of the cities up there in Michigan have added further protections.  I found that local ordinances provide added protection against discrimination based on condition of pregnancy, source of income, family responsibilities, educational association, sexual orientation, gender identity and HIV status in Ann Arbor; it appears that Ypsilanti protects sexual orientation, educational association, and source of income; that Lansing protects student status, veteran status, political affiliation or belief, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, and source of income;  East Lansing has sexual orientation, student status, use of adaptive devices or aids and legal source of income protections; and  Jackson has source of income protection.  Whew!  An umbrella plan is likely a good one – tally up all of the protections and establish company policy that is inclusive of all protections for all properties.  How difficult it would be to have separate policies for the various cities.  And keep in mind that local and State ordinances are often amended, so this is a moving target.  Hope this has been helpful (although Fair Housing Lady suspects she may have made things a bit more complicated with this info). c

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