Billy Joel has a New York state of mind. Ray Charles had Georgia on his mind. In James Taylor’s mind, he was goin’ to Carolina. Listen to their music, and you can feel that these places influence their walk, talk and outlook on the rest of the world. Their music leaves people feeling an emotion because the songs are sang with a raw tenderness. These states aren’t just points on the map for these talented artists—these states are like their warm blanket on a cold day. as a presence of being. If you’ve got a city in mind where you are considering moving, you may already feel a pull to that location for one reason or another. Maybe it’s the pull of the sand and sea or the salary increase you’ll receive if you take the recruiter up on his offer.  Do you appreciate seasons, lots of rain, lots of sunshine, mountains or prairies?  Do you want to see your mom/dad/brothers/sisters every day or every decade? There are so many questions to answer before choosing where to plant your roots. Once you narrow your location down to a specific area, you will realize that there are, of course, low-end and high-end homes available no matter where you choose.  There are websites available that help you zero in on locations, amenities, pricing, etc.—one of which is  We provide multifamily housing solutions for apartment seekers and property/apartment managers and owners through integrated marketing techniques, including print and Internet, mobile media, custom video and social media solutions. Below you’ll find 17 locations in the United States with their estimated cost of average rent ranges of the cities and their suburbs. While looking at this list, remember that cost of living can vary greatly from one place to the next, depending upon the career opportunities and also which line of work you are in. These averages are from customers and visitors to       c

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