familyreaching4cookies Without fail, “tradition” and “family” are two words that always come to mind when thinking about the holiday season. “Home,” on the other hand, may not be one of the first words that you think of. While gifts are certainly memorable, the most unforgettable experiences come from within the friendly confines of one’s home. Stories, laughter and food are all shared, and the cozy environment is what really makes the holiday time special.   “When our rental communities were in the process of being built, we wanted a comfortable family environment,” stated Brian Schottenstein, Vice President of The Schottenstein Real Estate Group. “Seeing photos posted on our Facebook page of residents with holiday decorations in their home, smiling with loved ones is a very rewarding aspect of this job.”   As a property manager, there really is nothing better then seeing your community come together and your residents taking advantage of one of your amazing homes. There are many ways that a property manager can maximize community awareness throughout the holiday season:         Often times it can be overlooked, but the home where you celebrate the holidays can be one of the most special places on earth. There are so many great ways to maximize community awareness among your residents, and the holidays are a definitely a great time to start.   SRE Group is an apartment and rental community leader in Columbus Ohio and contributed content to this article. c

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