Are you making a strong first impression with prospects?  Are renters recommending you by word of mouth and word of mouse?  That’s right – word of mouse – recommendations, ratings and conversations about your brand’s reputation that take place online. According to the For Rent Media Solutions’ Next Generation Whitepaper, seventy-five percent of apartment shoppers said they would base their decisions on ratings and reviews but would be “rent focused”. The majority of consumers are selecting products and services based on a brand’s visibility and credibility onlineTake advantage of this opportunity to capture their attention, engage with them and convert them into customers.  Learn how by downloading this helpful guide, Maximizing Your Online Reputation: A Playbook for Engaging with Consumers and Winning Their Business.   As we pointed out in a recent blog, Love Your Reputation– it is crucial to get listed in business directories and interact with consumers through social media. Take a page out of this marketing playbook to enhance your brand’s performance online and get the play by play on what it is, where to do it and how to maintain a winning Online Reputation to grow your business.   Click on the image to download for FREE, or click here for the Reputation Management eBook.  

Reputation Management eBook


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