StudentSearchTrends1 The real estate industry has a growing niche market: the student renter. Student renters create a unique opportunity for marketing, as their search habits and overall generational trends are completely different from what marketers are accustomed. In order to create the proper marketing strategies to pique the interest of these apartment shoppers, it’s important to study and understand which marketing styles attract student renters.   For Rent Media Solutions™ and® conducted a survey to bring the search habit trends of student renters to you. Here’s what was discovered about the top criteria for students searching for off-campus housing.   Two Cents on Top Factors   Cost efficiency is a top priority for money-conscious student renters when looking for off-campus apartments or housing. 51% of student renters say that the cost of rent is the most important factor in apartment selection. Location and distance to campus were a second priority, with 19% of students stating proximity is a deciding factor.   Beyond price and location, students had varying opinions on important features and benefits for their apartment communities.  However, the top selections have a common theme – people. 37% percent of student renters say that a helpful leasing staff is an important community benefit. Students have a lot on their plates, so it’s no surprise that any additional support your leasing and management staff can provide goes a long way. Providing quality customer service not only helps build resident retention, but it can help increase your resident referrals.   Another not-so-surprising factor in apartment selection: 14%of student renters said that living close to friends is also a top priority. Attending college provides a wonderful opportunity for students to meet new peers, and they spend much of their free time socializing. Having friends nearby creates a comfortable living environment for students.   The Bells and Whistles   Obviously, student renters will want a large closet for all their stuff and a big kitchen to help save money by cooking, right? Maybe they do, but these did not make it onto their list of most important features. Privacy was at the top, with 32% of student renters selecting that they would like a private bedroom and bathroom. With all the social opportunities on and off campus, a little privacy is understandable, especially if the student is living with acquaintances or has random roommates.   Cost, customer service, and privacy are top priorities for students, so be sure to highlight these benefits for students in your marketing strategy.  What attributes of your property are student renters most receptive to?     c

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