- video resourcesIt’s no secret that video is one of the most popular types of media consumption. In fact, within the multifamily real estate industry, 90% of the next generation of renters say they watch video as part of their apartment search. With so many methods for capturing and sharing video, it may be a challenge to know which ones will work for your community by engaging residents and prospective renters in a variety of ways.


The first consideration you may have is what you’re attempting to accomplish by creating video. Do you plan to capture a fun resident activity, share a teaser for an upcoming promotion, or perhaps record a video tour of your community? Choosing the proper platform for sharing your videos can actually be a more difficult decision than planning how you’ll record it! No platform is created equal, and some videos fit better on specific channels. Here’s a breakdown of three popular video-sharing resources to use in your community.



Vine, a video service that lets you create and share 6-second looping clips, is a product of Twitter – the home of 140 characters or less status updates. The idea behind this video tool is that brevity will inspire creativity. It’s a great tool for sharing ‘snackable content’, such as a mini glimpse into cool features of your community, a sign for an upcoming promotion, or a quick call-to-action asking viewers to follow your social pages or enter a contest. Don’t forget the hashtags – like Twitter statuses, Vine videos are searchable by hashtagged keywords! Perhaps the only downside of Vine is the lack of editability – if you’re unhappy with your video, you’ll have to start over. The upside: 6-second videos won’t take too much of your time to redo. Download the Vine app here and get creative.



Video capability is a recent addition to this highly visual social network that has over 150 million monthly users. Instagrammers can create 15-second videos to share with followers on the Instagram app, and also share a link to the video to other social networks like Facebook and Twitter for more reach. Hashtagging is also common and recommended on Instagram for searchability purposes. Consider hosting a contest by asking residents and prospects to create videos and tag your community’s Instagram account and custom hashtag for a chance to win. With 15 seconds to utilize, you have more options for what types of content you’d like to create and the ability to build a lasting impression for your brand. The LEDIC Group is a great example of using a property management company who uses Instagram to engage with followers! Learn more about the Instagram app and download it here.



Now that you’ve seen the stats, you probably realize the value of including video as part of your marketing strategy. When it comes to the search process, renters want to see highlights such as community engagement, resident life, and most importantly, apartment interiors. Prospective renters appreciate the ability to take a virtual tour of your community, as it is easy and convenient. Video creates a lasting first impression – so it’s important that your community videos be high-quality and well-representative of the features and benefits available to renters who choose to live there. FRVideo creates a unique, low-cost and high impact visual campaign, with content that circulates on social channels like YouTube, the world’s second largest search engine. With over 5 million views,’s YouTube channel is the ideal medium from which to feature your community videos. To learn more about FRVideo from For Rent Media Solutions, contact your local account executive today.


Video comes in a variety of formats, and some types are better than others depending on what your goals are. Using social channels like Instagram and Vine to create and share videos are a great way to build engagement with renters and prospective residents. Virtual apartment tours, using a platform such as FRVideo, provide your community with the advantage of reaching the 90% of renters who use video during their apartment search and provides extended reach for your listings.

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