Looking for a new apartment? Well, you’re in luck! ForRent.com® has recently unveiled an innovative and revolutionary apartment hunting mobile app to make the search easier for renters! The most recently released app, Sift Rentals for iOS, which allows prospective renters to take advantage of the “swipe left for no, swipe right for yes” design, makes for quicker, more enjoyable searching.   Sift-Rentals-2-167x300 At a time when consumers are overwhelmed with one new app after another, Sift Rentals, available in the Apple App Store, is the easiest way to cut through the “clutter,” simply ignoring apartments and homes not of interest and quickly focusing on the ones that are. This makes for a shorter apartment search and a more gratifying experience. With this  highly visual app, users can swipe left for “no,” hiding the listings in which they are not interested, or swipe right for “yes,” saving potential rentals of interest for later viewing, leaving users with a feeling of instant gratification. If this sounds familiar, that’s   because it is! Tinder, the mobile dating app that has recently exploded onto the app scene, employs the same “swiping” technology. Though different end goals are in mind for the two apps, it is safe to consider Sift Rentals the “Tinder” of the apartment scene!   A little back story on this cutting edge app? A ForRent.com app developer built the entire thing by himself in his free time and brought his “little project” to the product team once completed. They loved the idea and quickly cleared his calendar so that he could solely work on this great app. There is a lot of chatter in the tech world regarding large companies that can get caught up in the little details and become, well, a bit stagnant. The mobile product team at ForRent.com wanted to highlight the process of this app that is sure to wow renters and convey the awesome work ethic of the development team which  isn’t afraid to take risks and who are über creative in their quest to better the apartment search for users.   “ForRent.com is committed to providing users with the most engaging and rewarding apartment search experience out there,” said Terry Slattery, president of For Rent Media Solutions™. “This newest app is a truly cutting-edge and innovative product of teamwork and the ability to gauge the future landscape of the apartment renting industry. As one of the first to offer such original apartment hunting experiences, ForRent.com is excited to see how Sift Rentals will assist renters in their apartment shopping journey.”   To view videos of the Sift Rentals app, visit the ForRent.com YouTube page. Want to channel Tinder users and set a “date” with a new apartment community? Download Sift Rentals today!   c

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