Empty yellow moving truck with blue dolly in back.   While packing your boxes is not the most appealing part of moving, it’s the most critical part of the process. As a property manager, you will always have people moving in and moving out. Share these tips with them! They’ll appreciate it.   Preparing for an out-of-state or in-state move can take up a lot of your time and be exhausting mentally and physically. When you plan and pack properly, it will make the transition much easier. Take the time to organize each room according to your needs in order to keep your personal items secure and accessible later on in the process. Try not to pack the whole apartment all in one shot, but schedule yourself on a timely manner to pack daily to prevent overwhelm.  Don’t pack in a rush to prevent accidents and mishandling of valuable items.   Before you start to pack your belongings, here is a list of items you may need and some simple how-to’s to help you store your items safely. When organizing your materials make sure to keep them in a safe place where your children or pets won’t misplace them. These items will prepare you to label, secure and pack your boxes with care so your favorite things aren’t ruined during the move. Secure each box – Make sure the bottom of each box is secure and taped for items that are heavy and delicate. Here are a few tips on how to pack your boxes when you move. Add tape to the bottom of each box from the middle and across the center of each box to secure the base. Also tape the box on each side to prevent pests from getting into the package.   421474   Items to consider for box size   Large Box  Medium Box  Note: With everyday items, make sure to label the box and group them together for your daily use. This will prevent you from digging in each box when you or your family needs something.   Small Box Use packing paper or bubble wrap – Add a layer of paper in each box before adding any item to the box. This will keep the items stable while you move boxes from one place to another.   Wrap the item with a couple pieces of packing paper to create a layer of protection. When you place it in the box make sure to add packing paper or bubble wrap around the items for more protection.   Don’t over pack – When you are ready to seal the box, make sure to add another layer of packing paper or bubble wrap on the top to help secure items. Make sure to pack each box with a reasonable weight limit to prevent any accidents or damage. This will help you or your movers handle the boxes with no complication.   Label your boxes – Labeling your boxes will help you find items you might need at a later date. Make sure to label each box so you are able to see what’s inside.  Labeling the name on the same side will keep it visible and organized to avoid moving boxes all over the place when you are in need of something.  This will also avoid any confusion on the moving date.   Moving box   Categorize – Take one room at a time to pack the things you don’t need immediately. Make sure to write the names of the room it’s coming from – for example, “Kitchen” – and group them together. This will keep your boxes organized by rooms in your apartment and help you store them away until you arrive at your new place. Make sure to label boxes that have glass and fragile items for awareness of what’s inside the box for when it’s time to move.   Labeling by color – Use different color markers to label each box of the rooms to separate from each other.  For example, you can use the color pink for the kitchen boxes and blue for the bathroom boxes. When they are color coordinated it makes it easier to spot them and move boxes where they need to go.   When you properly arrange and plan your move, the process becomes more enjoyable. These tips will not only assist your residents with the materials they need, but provide them with practical ways to pack up personal items to keep safe and ready to transport.  They are easy to follow and efficient to save time and protect valuable goods.   What items in your apartment do you want to pack safely?     c

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