At For Rent Media Solutions™, we take great pride in our quality people who use innovative solutions to yield quality results. Thus, when we came across this article about quality over quantity, it was too good not to share! Our friends at Multifamily Insiders really hit the nail on the head when they sought the answer to the question: If leads aren’t of quality, does that really highlight a successful marketing strategy? And we say “no!”

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From low quality leads to poor use of time to a low ROI, there are many reasons why a ton of leads does not necessarily mean your marketing strategy is working. Instead, targeted advertising, listing specific criteria and lead tracking can not only help to increase the number of QUALITY leads coming across your desk but can also help you to better understand and target prospective renters.
Ultimately, generating quality leads over just a lot of leads is the goal. For property management companies, quality>quantity (which leads to higher renewal rates and ROI) should be at the forefront of your marketing mindset!

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