Instagram is a photo sharing and social networking service with over 400 million monthly active users. Every day, Instagram users are sharing their experiences at brick and mortar businesses including bakeries, restaurants, boutiques and, yes, apartment communities, too. That’s why you, as property managers, need to be on top it!

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Recently, For Rent Media Solutions™ released a beneficial enhancement to FRSocial customers to help them track the presence of Instagram locations and monitor geotagged photos. Here’s How It Works: Instagram allows people to geotag their photos to showcase the places they’ve visited. It uses Facebook and Foursquare to show the list of possible business locations. With Reputation Management, you can now monitor these locations (not to be confused with profiles) in the Mentions stream and receive daily alerts when a location has been created or changed! When consumers share photos at a business, they can affect the business reputation and drastically influence the buying decisions for tons of people. With Reputation Management, property managers and owners can now monitor these Instagram photos to stay on top of your reputation.

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Don’t have time to manage your online reputation? No problem, For Rent Media Solutions has a FRSocial Concierge, a full-service, hands-off social media and reputation management service. Contact your local Account Executive for more information today! c

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