At For Rent Media Solutions™, our passionate people like to share with customers marketing and tech trends, resident retention tips, what’s new in social media, what we’re up to, etc. But instead of just always hearing from us, we like to feature industry experts for a more well-rounded and informative B2B blog. You may have caught our recent (and very popular!) Q&A with Tony Sousa, the Most Interesting Man in Property Management. This time, we interviewed Jordan Hovanec, marketing specialist at Milhaus Management in Indianapolis. From individual branding including unique scents and trending social media topics to innovation awards and community service, Jordan covered it all! FRMS: You guys are doing some pretty out-of-the-box things at Milhaus in terms of marketing to residents and prospective renters. Can you tell us about the “scent marketing” at some of your properties? Jordan: We brought in a boutique marketing firm to help us design brand concepts for every property down to the scent. Each property has its own theme and its own brand; it is called experiential marketing. From the time someone walks in the door, our property will hit all five of their senses. For example, we have a property in Cincinnati that was once a lumber yard with a railway line running through it. It’s called Gantry. A gantry is a pulley mechanism that hangs over the top of the railroad and lifts the lumber. Everything about Gantry is tied back into lumber and wood. Door numbers and all signage have wood tones, all furniture is made of natural elements, leather tones run throughout the building, the scent is mahogany…it’s very rustic. Artistry is another community that we have in Indianapolis. The theme is art leading to a strong focus on the sense of sight and visual appeal. It’s essentially an apartment community and an art gallery in one. We support local artists and rotate our art galleries to showcase a new one every quarter. A local artist took photographs throughout the city and, as a welcome present, when a resident moves in, they get to pick from one of six pieces signed by the artist to hang in their new home. The scent here is lemon because it’s trendy and bright. There is a lot of texture, a lot of circles, a lot of colors and it’s very vibrant – like you would see in a gallery!

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Circa (as in circa 1933) is a machinery warehouse built in 1933 and converted into a club house. Today, modern apartments surround that club house. Before opening, local artists came through and salvaged a bunch of pieces and trinkets and turned it into art work, all displayed throughout the buildings. They spray painted old machinery parts, crutches, trophies and other random objects. The interest in these objects draw the sense of touch due to the array of unique items displayed throughout the property. At Circa, we have incorporated a blend of linen and lavender to create an inviting and calm atmosphere. FRMS: These are some really awesome and unique ideas! How do you share them with the public? Socially?


Jordan: We use social media to sell the lifestyle of the apartment and the vision of the property. We use and love FRSocial because it allows us to reach a lot of people, even with a smaller staff. We can schedule posts and maintain a consistency throughout all of our properties to make sure info is always being posted. FRSocial helps us with local content and with promoting events that we have going on. It’s a one-stop shop for our managers and our leasing team. There are a lot of people that don’t know how to properly utilize social media. FRSocial takes all the extra training out of it and helps make our pages look like we are doing a lot when we don’t have to put a lot of effort into it, especially during leasing season when we are so busy doing so many other things! Stay tuned for Part II, where Jordan discusses the hottest new amenities that make consumers drool, resident retention and more. Would you or someone you know in the multifamily industry like to contribute to our blog? It can be as easy as a quick email interview! Email with suggestions! c

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