The busiest time of the year for movers was, without a doubt, this past month – National Moving Month in May! It’s often misleading to say that May is National Moving Month, because May is only the start to the busy moving season. May through September are considered the busiest months for many movers because of nicer weather and summer vacation for schools.   Man Carrying Sofa As He Moves Into New Home   Moving can take a lot of time and planning, but here are a few tips that we heard from residents, property managers, movers, bloggers, etc. to help you plan for a less stressful move. – Did you check to see if you’ll be working with a moving broker or an actual mover? If you’re working with a broker, make sure you know or ask who will be conducting the move so you can review their track record for customer service. – Insurance is very important! This is one of the most touched upon points that we saw in the month of May. Moving companies are liable for the goods they are transporting for you! Make sure you go over and verify the different levels of liability to determine the type and amount you will receive in compensation for items if they are lost or damaged in the moving process.  


– Make sure you verify and fully understand pick-up and delivery dates along with how the rates are calculated. Sometimes companies will charge based on the time spent moving and some base their rate on the volume of items moved.

– Move your most valuable or priceless item yourself! We received A LOT of this feedback during the month of May because you really never can be too careful. While insurance can reimburse based on the actual value of an item, they can’t replace items that have semimetal value or high market value. For example, that valuable autograph you got at your first baseball game or a special vase that has been handed down for generations in your family. It is best to plan on taking these types of items with you to ensure they make it back safely into your new home.

After making it through moving month, what feedback and tips do YOU have? We want to hear them all! c

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