In the film world, summer is the best time of year for moviegoers and is typically when the biggest blockbuster hits are released to excited fans worldwide (many of those fans being YOUR residents!). This year’s Comic-Con teased some major trailers set to hit theatres next year to a crowd of over 130,000 people. We’re here to share the hottest summer flicks and to give you some ideas on how to engage your residents via these blockbusters! DC Comics and Marvel are making a huge splash this summer. Marvel studios released Captain America: Civil War on May 6th with worldwide profits coming in at the $1,150,441,055 mark.* But the real hype surrounds the much-anticipated DC Comics film, ‘Suicide Squad,’ set to take over theatres August 5th. Fans of the evil super-villains have been going CRAZY with excitement! There are undoubtedly some living in your communities! The Internet and all social media outlets have been abuzz with secret plot twists. “Is the Joker really Robin gone bad?” With praises from the film’s Director, David Ayer, on Jared Leto’s performance as ‘Mr. J’ as “nothing short of revelation,” this installment of the Batman franchise already has everyone talking! The question is – how to talk about it with your residents! It’s predicted the Suicide Squad film will gross $166 million dollars during opening weekend alone. So, needless to say, it’s not a question of if you want to be apart of the hype, but how? If your property features a local club house or movie theatre, consider hosting a few movie nights featuring ‘The Man of Steel’ then ‘Batman vs. Superman’ – which directly feed into the Suicide Squad. (Both movies are available for live streaming or can be purchased on Blu Ray now!) Your residents who are fans will be all over this! Even those who aren’t necessarily comic book fans will jump at the opportunity for a free movie screening! A community event like this requires very little planning. But with that in mind, don’t be afraid to have fun with it! Get some popcorn and invite residents to bring their own drinks. This is an event you can hold multiple times in the next few weeks, keeping your residents excited and engaged. Go a step further and encourage those that RSVP to “Squad Up” and come dressed as their favorite villain or hero. This is a GREAT opportunity for curating organic content. Snap a couple of photos for your property’s social media sites – but don’t forget to get photo permission! It may be fun to start a conversation around “remakes.” Do your residents prefer the orginal movies and comic books or are they loving the modern twist on classic plots? See our infographics below and explore more here.


Another idea is to have a community-wide raffle. Do you have a survey or questionnaire that your residents don’t seem to be filling out? Purchase a few opening night tickets from your local theatre and a gift card for snacks then get on Community Messenger and send your residents the update! This idea can also be repurposed for a tag and win on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. With community engagement activities like these, not only will you stay on trend with current events this summer, but you’re also working to increase your resident retention and your property’s brand. Have fun at the movies! *At time of publication. c

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