Fall is almost here and, with the changing of the season, comes the reintroduction of football season! Which means it’s time to start picking your Fantasy Football team! Now, we know what you’re thinking, “Fantasy Football? How does this have any correlation to Property Management?” The answer: Millions of people play Fantasy Football every season and go nuts over it! Why shouldn’t your community be a part of the action? It’s fun, competitive and brings people together.


For those of you who want to join the game, but don’t know where to start…we’re here to help! First, set up a league for your community to join. You can let them know about the community’s Fantasy Football League by sending one quick text via Community Messenger. If you’re starting from scratch, try using some popular web-based sites that will help you keep everything organized and track each player’s stats throughout the season. Popular sites include CBS Sports Fantasy Football, Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football, ESPN and MyFantasyLeague.com. Next, set up your league’s rules. Official NFL guidelines can be found here. You will also need to set up a draft selection of NFL players. Meaning you will want to list out all the potential NFL players that each person in the league is able to choose from. You can host your draft online, but the best ones are done in person to really get the momentum, competition and excitement going. See below for some tips on hosting the perfect draft party!


Ensure that everyone has a full and complete roster – which includes the following key players for a total of 15 players per team. o   1 Quarterback (QB) o   2 Running Backs (RB) o   2 Wide Receivers (WR) o   1 Flex RB/WR/TEs (RB/WR/TE) o   1 Tight End (TE) o   1 Kicker (K) o   1 Team Defense/Special Teams (D/ST) o   6 Bench (BN) Tips for hosting your draft: The draft board is where each team lists the players that are selected by the owners playing. The board should be big enough to list out each owner’s team horizontally with the selected NFL players aligning vertically under each team name. To keep things organized, create a deck of cards of all the eligible NFL players – color coded by position. Then, as your draft goes on, tack each player in order to the corresponding team.


Finally, to promote even more resident retention, schedule weekly meetings to go over the results and really embrace the culture and fun that comes with your fantasy league. Good luck! c

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