If you’re looking for a way to boost engagement with current and prospective residents online, Periscope is right up your alley. Periscope is an app that allows you to go live with an audience anytime, anywhere. It gives people tuning in the chance to see things the way you do and allows them to ask questions and comment as they watch your video, creating a real-time repertoire between you and your audience.


Here are five times you can use Periscope to get more eyes on your community and boost social engagement. 1. Showcase Resident Events If you have a great resident event planned, like a pool party or a potluck dinner, you can use Periscope to stream the event live. As it streams to your different social feeds, people can tune in to see what’s going on. After it’s over, people can watch it to see what happened and check out their cameo on your pages. 2. Give a Virtual Tour Make your Open House a virtual one! As you show different apartments in your community, use Periscope to broadcast your tour live. People who might not be able to make the Open House will be able to tune in to see all of the great amenities your community has to offer. You could even run a special promotion for prospective residents who Periscope into your Open House!


3. Show off Renovations If you’re in the middle of remodeling different floor plans or giving the pool a facelift, you can keep current and prospective residents up to date with what’s happening in real time. Stream the new countertops being installed or the new poolside loungers being brought in to show off your new features and show what’s getting done. 4. Introduce New Staff Members If you’re welcoming some new members to your team, introduce them to the whole community with a Periscope interview! Your residents will be able to recognize them the next time they stop in the office, which can make your team seem more approachable.


5. Have a Live Q&A Session Invite current and prospective residents to a live question and answer session. You might hear some valuable feedback, and they’ll be able to get some answers to the questions that have been on their minds.   c

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