Hackers are just like any other type of burglars – they target where they can get valuable goods or information and the greatest quantity of it! Technology continues to take over how we store information, leaving it vulnerable to hackers if not protected properly. It’s not uncommon these days to see cyber security breaches in large companies on the news. For example, at least 500 million Yahoo! accounts were hacked in 2014 and the company just learned about it now, 2016. This past month, while Yahoo! was investigating a separate claim, they found it to be worse than they thought. While Yahoo! doesn’t believe any financial data was stolen, information such as names, emails, and telephone numbers were accessed and can be sold. Experts are saying that this is quite possibly the largest cyber-security breach in US History.

Property management companies and communities collect large amounts of data from both residents and employees. With large amounts of collected data, apartment communities are an attractive target to these thieves. A breach could not only pose several legal matters, but also destroy an apartment communities brand image and trust.

Simple ways to help prevent the risk of attack:


Cyber security hacks can be intimidating when you hear about breaches in the news. Think: Target, Home Depot, Yahoo!, etc. However, taking the right precautions and staying updated can protect you and your residents from being hacked. Work closely with your IT team regularly to make sure you are up-to-date on technology and run reports to catch any early signs of a breach.   c

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