The holiday season is about giving back to your loved ones and to your community. Like last year,® is paying it forward and sending some little ones gifts from their wish list each day in November through 30 Days of Gifting! No strings attached – simply wants to give back and provide children with gifts and smiles this holiday season. Get involved and share this initiative with your residents and local multifamily partners to pay it forward in your community.      How Does it Work?   Giving back and paying it forward is the name of the game. Each day in November, will select three Amazon wish lists and purchase gifts for children totaling $50 each. To pay it forward, you can create a wish list on behalf of a child, purchase a gift from any wish list, or just simply spread the word on your social channels! You can participate in any or all of these ways:   1 – Create a wish list on behalf of a child and post the link to that wish list in the comments on our Facebook post. The wish list can have smaller items that add up to $50 or one item priced at $50.   2 – Purchase a gift(s) for a child from any Amazon wish list that you see linked in the comments of our Facebook post.   3 – Show your spirit by spreading the word about 30 Days of Gifting by sharing the Facebook post from your property’s social channels and/or your own personal channels.   Watch this video to get a quick run-down on the giving back and paying-it-forward process.     Our Challenge to Multifamily Partners Giving back in the apartment industry has also been a big initiative that Cindy Clare has stood behind all year as the NAA Chairman of the Board. Clare, President of Kettler Management, shared these comments during a recent interview with As mentioned, is purchasing three gifts per day for children throughout the month of November. Here’s how your property and/or local apartment association can participate:   -Post this flyer around the common areas of your property. Add your property’s name to the editable field at the bottom, print and promote to your residents.   -If you’re a Community Messenger customer, attach this flyer to a text message to your apartment contacts and include the link for details: If you have a personal interest in this initiative, by all means, share via your personal mobile device to your friends and family!   -Round up your residents and staff who are interested in participating.   -Place 30 pieces of paper in a hat numbered with dates that correspond to the number of days left in November.   -Each person selects a number that designates the date in which they can give a gift from the wish list.   -If there are more or less eager participants, then scale accordingly! Double up on certain days or give on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of each week if you have 12 participants, and so on. Either way, this is a great way to share in the holiday spirit with your own residents, co-workers and/or multifamily partners.   Remember to read the full details about 30 Days of Gifting to get started. Also, see official 30 Days of Gifting Legal 2017.   c

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