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St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th, is just around the corner – and this, year, it’s a Friday! This favorite spring holiday is celebrated nationally and internationally. And if you have a community in a neighborhood with Irish lineage (and even if you don’t), you know exactly how crazy/festive this day can get. Boston, we’re looking at you!

But for those of you looking to promote the holiday with more than just wearing green and hanging up some cutout shamrocks – ForRent.com® is here to give you some examples.

Decorate your welcome center:

Who doesn’t love a good party theme? Luckily, most of your local craft and party stores are already prepped and ready to assist you with St. Patrick’s Day decorating needs. Set out a “pot of gold” and put golden chocolate medallions in a bowl for resident to snag as they walk into the office. Get some green streamers and zig-zag them across your ceiling and leave them all weekend!

Hosting a party and looking for some recipe ideas? Look no further. Here are some of our favorite dishes that are easy to make and serve:

Bacon Beer Cheese Soup

Cheesy Guinness Bread

Corned Beef and Cabbage Sliders

Mini Shepherd’s Pies

Irish Nachos (use potatoes slices instead of chips)

Beef and Guinness Hand Pies

Dublin Coddle – a traditional stew

Pan Haggerty Potatoes

Check out these recipes and over 50 more on Delish.com! YUMMMMM.

Want to play some games around your community?

A scavenger hunt is always fun, low-cost and friendly for all ages. Use items that you already have in place around your property or get super crafty and hand make gold medallions and shamrocks – then hide them in different areas. Require your residents to find all of them by submitting photos of each hidden cut out. Want to go a step further and really up your social media presence? Have them upload the photos on Twitter or Instagram and tag your property. The first five people to find them all receive prizes.

Spreading the word

Need some help letting your residents know how you plan on celebrating this year? Jump on Community Messenger and send out a mass text to everyone! Let them know the times, locations, and if there will be prizes involved. Don’t forget to promote and share posts from your celebration on your social media platforms. Encourage your residents to share, too. This will also be a great opportunity to share what is going on in your local area! For example, if your city/town throws an epic St. Patrick’s Day Parade, encourage your residents to attend together and take pictures using a hashtag with your property name in it!


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