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Austin is a haven for bands, festivals, and food of all kinds, but the culmination of all of these things comes in the form of the South by Southwest Music Festival. South by Southwest (SXSW) is coming to Austin March 10-19th and is best known for it’s expansive showcase of fresh independent musical acts from all over the globe. Every year, Austin is flooded with young music connoisseurs ready to sink their teeth into the vast culture that “keeps Austin weird.” The culinary scene is just as thriving as the music scene and there is never a lack of great food to be found. If you live in Austin, you know just how delicious the town can be. Locals love the 10 Best Little BBQ Joints in Austin and the Best Breakfast Tacos the city has to offer. Share these with your residents! With all there is to do in Austin, it’s no surprise that, in 2016, SXSW was responsible for, both directly and indirectly, injecting $325.3 million into the Austin economy.

How can you, as a property manager, capitalize on all the hype surrounding SXSW? Get residents excited by throwing a community get together to celebrate everything that makes Austin so unique. Serve foods that are quintessentially Austin and set up craft/art areas for people to get weird and creative and show off their own style. Keep the SXSW vibe going with the Official SXSW 2017 Complete Playlist to keep your common areas rocking!

Let’d dive a little deeper into Austin and what renters there want. What are the top searched amenities in Austin? Two words: Everything included. This shows that renters in the area are looking for something with everything from utilities included to washer & dryer in unit to dishwashers. Austin renters are looking for more! Use these trends to your advantage and tout them in your promotional materials and on your social channels.

With a robust local economy and near‐ideal demographics, Austin lends a strong structural demand for the apartment market. The metro has remained a national leader for population and economic growth, with a large proportion of new jobs coming in higher‐paying industries attractive to well‐educated workers in the 20‐ to 34‐year‐old age cohort. Over the past three years, demand has exceeded expectations, and has mostly kept pace. Apartment construction continues at a rapid pace, which promises to test the depth of demand even further.

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