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Thanksgiving is just around the corner and you may have a good amount of residents who WON’T be able to make it home for the holidays whether that’s due to school, work, or other obligations. The good news is there’s an awesome solution for this – Friendsgiving. This is a wonderful opportunity to get to know your residents, build a sense of community, and even show off your community to friends of residents (Hello, future tenants!). So, share the below tips with your residents and help them to start a community tradition of their own! Here’s how:


  • The host makes the turkey and gravy.


  • Everything else is divided among guests. Have residents send out invitations to their guests asking them to note their dietary preferences when they RSVP – this will help them to choose what needs to go on the menu. They can create a spreadsheet or a simple e-mail with menu items on it and send it out to everyone who RSVP’d, asking them to select a dish to bring. Dishes are assigned on a first come, first serve basis.


  • Don’t forget the finger food and snacks. Guests can get as festive as they’d like or keep it simple, but it’s important to have chips and dips or a good cheeseboard out for guest to snack on while they wait for everyone to arrive. It’s also a good idea to assign these dishes to your guests who are good about arriving early to ensure they are set out before everyone arrives.


  • Make sure you include staple dishes in your menu, but don’t forget to add a little variety. Thanksgiving food staples include:
    • Potatoes – mashed, sweet, baked, etc.
    • Stuffing – the more variety, the merrier!
    • Cranberry Sauce
    • Dinner rolls or biscuits
    • Desserts for days like no-churn pecan pie ice cream (!!)


  • Everyone should contribute a bottle of wine, liquor, or seasonal beverage such as apple cider. Try some autumn harvest sangria! Make sure this is noted somewhere so there are no surprises.


  • Don’t forget the ice! This can be taken care of by the host or assigned to one of the guests.


  • Set a festive table and decorate your space! Pinterest will be your best friend with this one. There are so many ways to do this without having to splurge. Nothing sets the tone for a party like a beautiful table and a little holiday decor. Plus, check out these friendsgiving decor hacks (i.e. DIY drink charms, using paper instead of a tablecloth).

  • Create a playlist. Every good gathering has background music. This can be assigned to the guest with the best taste in music. You can also ask guests to bring their bluetooth speaker device.


  • Create a DIY photo booth or have a designated photographer. All you need is a backdrop to hang on a wall, an iPad/iPhone stand, and some good lighting! You can also ask suggest to your residents that their Snapchat/Insta-queen guests be the designated photographers for the night since, let’s be honest, they’ll be snapping away on their phone all night anyway.


  • Reserve a clean up crew. This can be noted on the menu sign up sheet. You’ve made a turkey, decorated the clubhouse, and spent the entire evening being a gracious host – you deserve a little help with the clean up! All you need is a few volunteers. This doesn’t have to be a drag. Open up another bottle of wine, put on an upbeat playlist and get to scrubbing. Plus, if your designated cleaners clean as you go, there won’t be much to do at the end!


The holidays are super busy and everyone is running around with items to check off their to-do lists so be sure to share these Friendsgiving tips with your residents via a quick text with Community MessengerAnd, of course, share what you’re thankful for – we’re all friends here, right? The year is wrapping up and it’s a great time to reflect on the ups and downs and say thanks to those who stood by you.


Speaking of wrapping up and being grateful for what and who we have in our lives, let’s take a moment to do something special for someone in need. Get in the spirit and pay it forward through the 30 Days of Gifting program. It doesn’t take much – send a gift to a child, create a wishlist on their behalf or just spread to the word others. Nothing brings a community closer together than giving back to others. Happy Friendsgiving and Thanksgiving, everyone!

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