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More is less and less is more when it comes to organizing an apartment space. It’s Spring cleaning time – why not get some organization done along with sweeping, scrubbing and brushing? Unless tenants are renting a luxury penthouse apartment, then it’s likely space is something they don’t have a ton of. It’s very easy for the average apartment to become cluttered very quickly and before you know it, the walls feel like they are closing in. Here are some ways to make the most of apartment space. Share these tips with your renters for simple ways to make more space with less mess.

There are a lot of new products on the market specially designed to save space! Space-saving products go beyond your usual storage totes these days. A simple Google search will reveal several genius space-saving products that you may not have even known existed. Multifunctional furniture, space-saving hangers, vertical shoe racks, and over-the-door organizers are just a few to name.

      • Free up counter top space!


Full-size microwaves, toasters, and coffee makers can take up most, if not all, counter top space before you know it. If you live in an average sized apartment, it’s smarter to buy the smaller versions of these appliances to maximize your counter top space!

        • Taking advantage of open space!

Using storage boxes are a great way to place items, like seasonal clothing, away in spaces under your bed or sofa. Baskets are another great way to store items neatly together under sinks or in cabinets. Without using a storage organizer, cabinet space can become unorganized and cluttered quickly, limiting space for storing other items.  

          • Only the necessities!

Buying furniture can be exciting, but don’t forget about the space you’re buying for! Too much furniture can make the walls feel like they are caving in fast. Prioritize your necessities and only purchase what you need rather than everything you want.

            • Storage units!

Storage units are a great place to store items you will not necessarily need all the time, but would like to hold on to. Suitcases, seasonal holiday decorations, unneeded furniture, and large tools are just a few things to name that can be stored out of the away, but accessible when you need it.

              • Clean!

Apartment spaces can become really cluttered if you don’t clean. Taking time to file paperwork will not only make you feel more organized, but it will also free up piles of important papers you don’t want to throw away. Cleaning your room and making the bed can visually make a space look organized and larger. Also, using a laundry hamper to keep dirty clothes until laundry day can help free up space, because clothes piling up on the floor is a quick way to make any space feel smaller!

Following these few tips can make your renters’ places feel like a big space. Have fun with organizing and decorating your apartment, too. Move furniture around to find out what works best for your apartment layout. You’ll not only enjoy your apartment more, but you will also feel less stressed by your surroundings.

For more tips and cool ideas on keeping your apartment organized, check out the ForRent.com Apartment Living Blog, or the ForRent.com ‘Small Space Solutions’ Pinterest board!


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