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It can be a challenge to sustain engaging content on a regular basis – especially on a photo-centric social channel like Instagram. Rising to those challenges, we offer recommendations to convert those challenges into creative opportunities so that all brands and properties can shine on Instagram.


I spoke about Instagram tactics for businesses who don’t think they have a story to tell at the PRNews Social Media Boot Camp Conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. And you’d be amazed at what amazing and engaging content you can share for companies that may be in the business of making boxes. I shared some of our social strategies with PRNews editor, Seth Arenstein, which was later published in this article, How a So-Called Unglamorous Brand Builds Community on Instagram With Creative Content. Below we’ve outlined some quick areas to focus on that can extend the longevity of your content, captivate your audience and bring your property’s story to life.



5 Tips for Building Community on Instagram


1.Lighting and Angles: Brighter photos are better and outperform darker shots. Sunlight coming through the windows, modern furniture, interesting prints, lots of color, and kitchens and living rooms tend to garner more attention. Plus, shoot from above from very bright, well-lit surfaces like marble or use white cardboard as background because it reflects light well.


2.Consistency is key: Stick with specific styles or themes and post regularly each day. Create an editorial calendar or use tools like CoSchedule or a Google calendar to color coordinate and plan your content in advance.


3.Plan your posts: Space your content to hit at peak times when you know your audience is there.


4.Use hashtags: create relevant hashtags including one for your property, your location so that your posts can be catalogued and shared by others.


5.Styling Points: Take the time to use filters, edit your shots and make sure lighting is optimized.


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Erica Campbell Byrum: Assistant Vice President of Social Media for ForRent.com. Co-Author of Youtility for Real Estate. Speaker. Perpetual Hostess. Wine Lover. Wanderlust. Follow @ericacampbell.


Erica Campbell Byrum


Erica Campbell Byrum, assistant vice president of social media for ForRent.com®, is a real estate marketing expert with more than twelve years of experience, co-author of Youtility for Real Estate, a recipient of the 2014 PR News Social Media MVP Award, a recipient of the 2015 Sarah Malone Award, as well as, President’s Club winner for 2016. Byrum is a well-regarded speaker at both national and state apartment associations. Byrum is responsible for developing and managing the corporate social media road map and has pioneered ForRent’s strategic social media path through the launch of Social Concierge, a complete social media management, reputation management, and resident retention offering.

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