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ForRent.com-Social Media TipsIt’s no surprise that social media is an important inclusion of most marketing strategies. However with social signals also affecting search engine optimization, it’s increasingly important to keep up with social trends. With content readily available at their fingertips, renters are seeking high-quality, relevant and helpful content that stands out among the pack.


Have you ever wondered how keep your channels up to date? Check out “How to Keep Up with Search, Social, and Mobile Trends in the Renter Space,” and utilize these platform-specific tips to ensure you’re staying current with socials trends.



Facebook and Google+


  • Add visual content, as it’s easier to digest in a newsfeed than text only. For example, incorporate photographs and videos into posts to make followers more likely to pay attention.

  • Highlight features and amenities. Include images and information about the unique offerings of your property. Do you have a great business center or something that makes your community stand out? Show it off!

  • Provide lifestyle content. Posts including home decor, hobbies, and crafts/DIY projects are well received by renters.

  • Get the word out about community events. Plan an event, promote it, and invite your residents and prospects.

  • Create Facebook contests to encourage “likes” and engagement.

ForRent.com-Facebook Events

Example of promoting a community event on Facebook




  • Display “behind the scenes” type content. Renters will appreciate the authenticity.

  • Showcase your current and upcoming listings. Exhibit some images of the new apartment that’s available and include highlighted information.

  • Feature happy residents and customer reviews. With written consent, exhibit photographs of your residents with quotes about what they love about the property.

  • Inform guests about community events, and give them the high-level details.

  • Utilize Instagram’s filters to showcase your community’s best qualities and features.




  • Remember, Pinterest is for engaging and creating the ideal lifestyle.

  • Become Pinterest verified.

  • Create and continually update boards that will appeal to the lifestyle of a renter.

Examples include:

  • Meet the team: Provide an image and biography of your team and have it link back to your “About Us” page on your site. Also, include some authentic pins on your company’s culture.
  • Floor plans and available units: Use this as an opportunity to spread the word about your current and potential units for rent.
  • Resident testimonials: With consent, provide videos and photographs of your happy, satisfied renters.
  • Around your city: To ensure you’re positioning yourself as the local expert, pin restaurants, local attractions, city events, shopping, etc. around your community’s area.
  • Events: Keep your residents up-to-date on the happenings and events in your property.
  • Decor ideas: Give your residents inspiration to decorate their rental.


Example of Multifamily Pinterest Board Ideas



For more about leveraging your leads with Social Media, take a look at Ansleys Sudderth’s webinar!


Leveraging Your Leads with Social Media from ForRent.com


Do you have suggestions of how to keep your social platforms relevant and up to date? Let ForRent.com know in the comments below.


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