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The impression of a rental property’s brand can greatly increase its rentability.

For example, in cities like New York, Los Angeles and Miami, tenants of luxury apartment buildings like to be associated with what’s trendy and hip.

Los Angeles

Brands like the SLS in South Beach depict a lifestyle with pictures of opulent pools and spas, yoga classes, hotels and restaurants.

“Branding isn’t just a logo or an image,” said Terry Slattery, president of For Rent Media Solutions™ (FRMS). “It’s an idea. Property managers need to enable potential renters to imagine themselves living in their apartments and what their lives might be like in that community.”

Ultimately, effective branding is what helps property managers retain their current tenants.

“Brand exposure leads to more people knowing about your community and therefore talking about it both on social media and by word of mouth,” said Slattery. “Thus, we offer products like the newly introduced City Showcase and locally-targeted Marquee ads to get our clients ads in front of more potential renters.”

In Miami, renters have spent millions to secure units in the Porsche Design Tower, according to Ross Milroy, a real estate broker in Miami. The Porsche Design Tower is a skyscraper currently under construction in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida designed by Porsche Design Studio. 

“Fashion labels like Giorgio Armani and Fendi have lent their names to developers who are hoping to attract that type of high-net-worth resident,” said Milroy. “When these developers market their buildings, they are selling a community of like-minded residents.”

For Rent recognizes the importance of brand building in the multifamily industry and offers multiple products, such as Marquee and City Showcase ads, to help build property brands. With Marquee and City Showcase ads, properties are able to fascinate renters with spectacular visual appeal, reach locally targeted audiences, and appear on multiple digital platforms that renters are drawn to. With products like these, FRMS has already started to build several property brands by instilling a sense of community with renters.


Three elements that can enhance the brand of a rental property including:

– Identifying your target market: “For individuals that seek out well-known brands, they expect the buildings to live up to those luxuries and it’s important for developers to show off these amenities,” Milroy said. FRMS offers properties the opportunity to reach their targeted audience by placing their ads locally at a city level with the Marquee ad.

– An online advertising campaign: “Internet Listing Services are important in developing a property’s brand because so many people search for apartments online these days,” said Slattery. Companies like FRMS understand the importance of brand presence across digital networks. With the Marquee and City Showcase ads, properties appear on desktop and mobile search platforms for additional exposure to their brand to captivate the attention of renters.

– Multiple visuals: “Photos and visuals create an opportunity for potential tenants to learn about the community and its amenities and therefore leads to an increase in residents,” Slattery said.  FRMS’ Marquee and City Showcase ads are examples of eye-catching visuals that resonate well with renters and stand out over the competition. The Marquee ad captivates renters even more with its top of search engine results on desktop and mobile platforms.    


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