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Established in 1921, Edward Rose & Sons is a privately held, family-owned and operated real estate development and management company with a multifamily division that represents 65 apartment communities with over 30,000 units across 10 states. Mike Culver, Regional Marketing Manager, has worked with ForRent.com® since 2003 to optimize the advertising efforts for their portfolio in the Detroit metro area. “We are always looking for the most effective way to reach potential renters. ForRent.com has proven to be an industry leader in regards to online advertising for the majority of the communities in our portfolio.”



Besides the high volume of leads that his properties receives each month, Culver is also an advocate for the dedicated, unmatched support he receives from his ForRent.com team. “The attention to detail, personal involvement and willingness to listen to new ideas,” is what ultimately sets ForRent.com apart from other online listing services and why Culver recommends ForRent.com to other property management companies looking to maximize their marketing strategy.


A well-rounded marketing partner, ForRent.com not only provides highly effective products and services but is personally committed to your success by understanding your challenges and working with you to ensure quality results. That long-term partnership is priceless, especially in times of fluctuating economies, low inventory, new construction, evolving technology and user generated content that impacts your property’s reputation and branding. Look no further than ForRent.com for innovative solutions that meet these needs and capitalize on your strengths at every turn and, above all else, meaningful partnerships and marketing strategies to guide you through it.



Wendy Froehlich


Wendy Froehlich, VP of Marketing, joined ForRent.com in 2006 and is responsible for overseeing national marketing initiatives including events, sales materials and promotions, advertising, and other digital marketing efforts. Prior to joining ForRent, Wendy worked for PolyVision Corporation – a division of Steelcase, Coca-Cola Fountain and many years in account services for HCD Advertising in Atlanta, GA and Virginia Beach, VA.

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