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When managing apartments, it’s easy to focus on the logistics, operations, and finance of your business. However, one of the best ways to grow your business is less tangible — it’s supporting the residents of your apartment community.


Resident retention is a big deal for apartment managers, and increasing resident renewals can add up to big financial gains for your bottom line. “Residents who know other residents tend to stick around a little longer, reducing churn and vacancy leading to real costs savings as well as an overall happier building,” says Greg Jaros, CEO of Spare to Share. “These connected residents also become more loyal and take better care of the building, helping reduce maintenance and management costs.”


Start out the new year by learning three ways to create better engagement in your apartment community.


#1 Foster Resident Connections with Exclusive Facebook Groups and Texts

The top resident retention tip recommended by RRD Real Estate Simplified is to create a social media presence for your community. In addition to the public-facing social media presence that you are already maintaining, consider having an insider-only Facebook group that is just for residents to connect with each other. These community boards can be a great way to facilitate resident interaction, such as a neighbor returning a set of found car keys or starting up a book club.


And while a digital message board may address interaction between residents, changing your communications to be sent via text message adds a friendly and more personal approach. Whether it’s a heads-up about scheduled elevator maintenance or a notification about a package to pick up, texting is an informal way that you can connect with residents. In fact, text messages have a 98% open rate, so you’re more likely to make a connection.



ForRent.com’s Community Messenger platform makes it easier to text with your residents. Whether you want to send a bulk message to the entire community or a single message to a resident, the Community Messenger app is a multi-platform solution to keep your contacts organized and your communications flowing at the quick-reply rate that’s necessary today.


#2 Use Automation Whenever Possible

Communication in your apartment community is a critical part of engagement, but there is a way that you can receive the benefits of increased engagement while using automation technology to do the work for you.


“You can also use automations to engage prospective and current clients,” says Perry Leon in the ActiveCampaign blog on How to Use Marketing Automation to Better Manage Your Relationships. The article explains that a very effective way to automate your communication is to use behavior cues such as email opens, link clicks, and website page visits to learn about your contact’s interests or property preferences. You can then leverage their interest indicators and automatically generate personalized content that is specific to them. “This content will help you educate, build relationships (trust), and position yourself as an expert in a specific area or niche market,” says Leon.


It’s important to remember that younger audiences such as Gen Z expect personalization in their communications. Forbes said, “In practice, this means the death of the ‘email blast’ and the rise of better segmentation and messaging designed to appeal to specific customer sets.”


apartment-community-social media

A “nurture campaign” is typically three to five automated connections with your residents. “Effective multi-channel lead nurturing most commonly involves a combination of marketing automation, email marketing, social media, paid retargeting, dynamic website content and direct sales outreach,” says Hubspot in their post on 7 Effective Lead Nurturing Tactics.


#3 Building Community in Real Life

Amidst all of the technology, a major way that apartment managers can add value to their community is to bring their residents together in real life (IRL). The payback on hosting resident events is threefold – 1. It promotes a greater feeling of community, 2. a higher satisfaction rate, and 3. a feeling that they are appreciated by the apartment managers. All of this translates into higher resident retention rates. As an Updater article said: “communities who play together, stay together.”


Need some inspiration for what type of event to host? Updater shared 34 Best Resident Ideas For Apartment Communities, which includes excellent suggestions like having a food truck party so you can avoid boring catering food or hosting outdoor movie screenings with popcorn and blankets under the stars.



Also look for ways that your residents can become more invested in their homes. For example, a community garden lets residents literally put down some roots, plus there will probably be a harvest of fresh summer tomatoes to share.


ForRent.com’s marketing solutions are designed to help your apartment community drive leads, build your brand, and retain residents. Learn more at https://www.forrent.com/solutions/.

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Katie Glaser has been a marketing communications professional for over 15 years. Specializing in real estate marketing, she has overseen the digital marketing and editorial content initiatives for residential and multifamily property listing sites, Homes.com and ForRent.com. A Virginia Beach local, Katie holds a B.S. Communications degree from Old Dominion University and previously held a Virginia real estate license.

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