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For those who are interested in an apartment in the Atlanta, GA area, our Atlanta Metro Area Guide provides a wide range of information about the rental climate and local neighborhoods.


However, in addition to the local market info, we wanted to know more about the people who are renting. What are the priorities of Atlanta apartment seekers, and what’s important to them?


So in order to answer these questions, we turned to our own data. To understand what was important to Atlanta residents, we analyzed what types of amenities are popular when prospective renters search for an apartment in Atlanta, GA on ForRent.com.


For both long-time property owners or those who are considering investing in a new property, this ranked list of amenities can help you stay ahead of the competition by meeting the demand of what Atlanta area renters value in their apartment community.



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Top 10 Searched Apartment Amenities in Atlanta, GA


ForRent.com’s proprietary data has revealed the amenities that are most important to renters. Listed in order, here are the top 10 most searched amenities in the Atlanta metro region.


Air Conditioning: 14.6%
In-Unit Washer/Dryer: 12.9%
Luxury Amenities: 9.2%
Dishwasher: 9.2%
Patio or Balcony: 8.6%
Walk-in closets: 7.1%
Furnished: 6.5%
Cable or satellite: 6.2%
Pool: 5.7%
Garages: 5.4%

Air Conditioning Is a Top Priority for Southern Summers


Atlanta Magazine described the local weather as having “muggy mornings, sweltering afternoons, stormy evenings.” The solution for all three climates is to use air conditioning to regulate the temperature and humidity within a home.


Air conditioning is prevalent across all area homes, with just 0.9 percent reporting having no air conditioning at all. According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2015 American Housing Survey, 94.6 percent of residents have central air and 4.5 percent use window units.


While A/C may be a near-essential amenity, it’s easy to take for granted. And so, it’s important to be sure that property managers are including the amenity in their property listings. Otherwise, your property might get excluded from search results where filters are being used to only look for air conditioned units.

In-Unit Laundry Is Highly Desired


Doing laundry is a necessary chore, and having to carry laundry to and from a laundromat or shared laundry facility can make the chore even more arduous. And so having an in-unit washer/dryer was the second most popular apartment amenity in Atlanta, GA.


Because only 35 percent of Atlanta apartments have a washer/dryer, highlighting this amenity is a way that your listings can really stand out from the rest of the market.


And if you don’t already have in-unit washer/dryers in your building, it may be worth the upgrade. On average, having the amenity increases revenues by commanding $50-$100 higher rent per unit. It decreases resident turnover because residents are typically more satisfied with their apartment. And it gives you the edge over other apartments in Atlanta that don’t have in-unit washer/dryers

Luxury Amenities Are on the Rise


Many new apartments are offering luxury amenities to meet the growing consumer demand. As luxury amenities are the third most popular feature for Atlanta renters, it’s certainly a local trend, but it’s also a trend that’s happening across the country.


In looking at new multifamily construction across the U.S., a recent analysis shows that the focus on high-end properties with luxury amenities dominates. In total, 58 percent of new units require residents to earn $100,000+, and 29 percent of units require residents to earn $75,000+. So that’s 87 percent of newly built units that are focusing on high-earning renters.


While the types of luxury amenities that are offered differ from building to building, Atlanta renters are seeking panoramic city views, high-end appliances and good design.


In part, the changing economy is driving this interest in luxury. In 2017 alone, the booming Atlanta film industry had a $9.5 billion economic impact, and many locals are putting their profits into their apartments.


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Dana Hill


Dana Hill is the General Sales Manager and local market expert for the Atlanta office of ForRent.com.

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