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In our Los Angeles area guide, we break down some key rental information such as its diverse neighborhoods, city features and rental markets. But more than just information about demographics and neighborhoods, we were curious about the people who are renting in Los Angeles.


In order to better understand the renters of LA, we used our proprietary rental data to reveal which apartment amenities are the most popular when prospective renters search for an apartment in Los Angeles, CA on ForRent.com.


Not only does this reveal information about the local culture and geography, but it can provide valuable insight to help apartment managers stay ahead of the competition and meet the demand of the current marketplace by highlighting these features in their promotional efforts. Here’s what we found out:


Apartment Amenities in Los Angeles

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Top 7 Searched Apartment Amenities in Los Angeles, CA

By reviewing ForRent.com’s search data, we gained insight into what renters are seeking. Above all other amenities, renters in the Los Angeles area are looking for these top seven apartment features:


1-Air Conditioning: 21.8%
2-Washer/Dryer in Unit: 18.5%
3-Garages: 10.6%
4-Patio or Balcony: 10.6%
5-Laundry Facility: 8.3%
6-Dishwasher: 8.2%
7-Furnished: 7.5%


Air Conditioning Is Important Amidst a Changing Climate

The most sought after apartment amenity in Los Angeles, CA is air conditioning, with 21.8% of prospective renters seeking cool comfort during the warmer months.


Los Angeles is known for its year-round moderate climate, and it even ranked as the #2 city in the world for its weather. But climate shifts are making A/C an increasingly important amenity for renters. In fact, downtown LA hit a record-breaking 102 degrees in October 2017, making air conditioning a near necessity.


More than 90% of new apartments built since 1998 have air conditioning, but for managers who are renting older spaces or vintage units, upgrading to include air conditioning keeps your rentals competitive. Keep in mind that retrofitting a building that was built without air conditioning is tricky to figure out. It’s not cheap and it requires space for ductwork.


In-Unit Laundry Is a Sought-After Amenity

Having a washer/dryer within an apartment is the second most sought-after amenity with 18.5% of renters finding it important to wash clothes inside their own apartment.


While having a washer and dryer is popular, it’s also a rare amenity in LA apartments. Only 11% of Los Angeles apartments have a washer/dryer, compared to a national average of 39%. With a small percentage of apartments having an in-unit washer and dryer, offering this amenity can easily give you the edge over other apartment communities.


Installing in-unit laundry facilities not only makes your apartment community more sought after, but it increases your revenue by $50-$100 per unit per month according to some estimates. It also increases renter retention because higher renter satisfaction is linked to rental renewals. In turn, this further adds to your bottom line.


Garages and Parking Continue To Be Important

The third most popular apartment amenity, at 10.6%, is a parking garage.


In Los Angeles County, 14% of all land is dedicated to parking. But of course, the spots are never where you need them. Parking tickets are common in LA, and the city ranks #2 in the U.S. for revenue from parking tickets, totalling $250 million annually.


For apartment communities, location is the most important factor for a parking lot or an on-site parking garage. In an analysis of the parking lot and garage market, an Ibis World report projects increased demand for adequate and affordable parking. By offering parking facilities to residents of your apartment community, your renters get both convenience and security, adding significant value to your rentals.


Patios/Balconies, Furnished Units Support the Entertainment Factor

As the entertainment capital of the world and host to perfect weather and sunny beaches, 10 percent of Los Angeles renters want to toast the town and entertain their friends in apartments with great outdoor spaces like patios or balconies to take in the views and mild weather. And, of course, furnished apartments make for simpler move-ins especially you’re a frequent traveler and don’t have the time to decorate or invest in furniture.


ForRent.com® can help you better understand your local rental market. Learn more at https://www.forrent.com/solutions/.

Chrissy Freeman


Chrissy Freeman is the General Sales Manager and local market expert for the Los Angeles, Orange County and Inland Empire offices of ForRent.com.


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