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While national analysis does reveal larger trends in the apartment industry, rentals are greatly affected by the local market.


top apartment amenities in phoenix AZ


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For example, prospective residents are not renting an apartment in the same way that they’re online shopping. They’re choosing between apartments in the same metro area, not one apartment in Phoenix and another in Minneapolis. In turn, this increases the impact of local trends and culture.


In order to better understand the Phoenix apartment rental market, we used our proprietary data to reveal which apartment amenities are the most popular when prospective renters visit ForRent.com to search for an apartment in Phoenix, AZ.


Not only does this reveal information about the priorities of Phoenix renters, but it can provide valuable insight to help apartment managers stay ahead of the competition and meet the demand of the current marketplace. Here’s what we found out:

Top 5 Searched Apartment Amenities in Phoenix, AZ


Here are the top five searched apartment amenities in the Phoenix area:


1-Washer/Dryer in Unit: 41.8%

2-Pool: 27.5%

3-Parking Garage: 10.6%

4-Fitness Center: 8.6%

5-Laundry Facility: 7%

In-Unit Laundry Is a Priority for Renters


The most sought-after apartment amenity in Phoenix is having a washer and a dryer within the apartment unit. About four out of ten people are specifically seeking this amenity in their next rental.


Who can fault them? The time, cost, and hassle of trekking to the nearest laundromat is typically not a part of an apartment upgrade. In fact, so many people are prioritizing in-unit laundry facilities that the number of laundromats has declined 20% since 2005. “Offering a washer and dryer in-unit is a trend we’re certainly seeing,” says Paula Munger of the National Apartment Association.


As an apartment manager, installing laundry units within each apartment gives you the opportunity to increase your revenue. One study found that apartments with in-unit washer/dryers rent for $50-$100 more than their counterparts. Additionally, an in-unit laundry system gives you the edge over other local apartments in Phoenix. It’s even been successful at decreasing renter turnover.

High Temperatures Mean More Pool Seekers


In our Phoenix Area Guide, we talk about how the hot and sunny conditions affect resident behavior. High temperatures in July average 105 degrees, and there are 295 sunny days per year (or 80%), prompting many Phoenix residents to head to gigantic waterparks, float down rivers and seek out air-conditioned entertainment.


As a result, having a pool is a priority, and 27.5% of Phoenix renters seek out communities that have one. In particular, renters seek pools for cooling off, fun with the kids, or swimming laps.


Phoenix heat is deadly, and 2016 was the worst on record with 150 confirmed heat-related deaths in Maricopa County. Luckily, pools are common in Phoenix apartments. In Phoenix, 95% of apartments have pools, much higher than the national average of 61%.

Garages Remain Valuable to Renters


Parking is a challenge in Phoenix. The city is #6 in the U.S. for total revenue from parking tickets. In one year, the total amount of parking tickets was $98 million. At $78 to $198 per parking ticket, that’s about one ticket per every six residents.


According to our analysis, 10.6% of Phoenix renters are searching for apartments that include a parking garage.


For all drivers, location is the most important factor for parking, and an IbisWorld analysis projects a growing demand on the parking lot and garage market. Within apartment communities, an on-site parking garage offers renters convenience, security and protection from the elements.


Phoenix’s high temperatures also play into residents’ parking choices. In this city, 81.2% of available parking is surface parking lots, and the temperatures inside the vehicles can get very hot. On a June day, the average interior temperature of an unshaded economy car was 162 degrees, and the top temperature was 192. For cars in the shade, this dropped to an average of 100 degrees. With temperatures like these, a shaded parking garage becomes a premium amenity to renters.


ForRent.com can help you better understand your local rental market. Learn more at https://www.forrent.com/solutions/.

Danny Harris


Danny Harris is the General Sales Manager and local market expert for the Phoenix office of ForRent.com.

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