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Residents of Portland, Oregon share what makes their city great in our area guide including local microbreweries, bike-friendly neighborhoods, and strong cultural attractions. However, more than the apartment trends and local vibe, we wanted to better understand renters’ preferences when it comes to apartment amenities and features. So, we crunched the numbers underpinning apartment searches in Portland, OR to reveal which apartment amenities are in the highest demand for Portland renters searching on ForRent.com. Here’s what we found out.


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Top 7 Searched Apartment Amenities in Portland, OR

If you’re managing an apartment building in the Portland area, it’s important to understand what local renters are interested in and highlight those features in your marketing materials and tours. The data below is specific to Portland and reflects both the local culture and regional geography.


Here are the top seven sought after apartment amenities in the Portland, OR area from renters searching ForRent.com in 2017:


Washer/Dryer in Unit: 33.2%
Air Conditioning: 13.6%
Dishwasher: 13.4%
Furnished Available: 9.1%
Patio or balcony: 8.9%
Garages: 6.9%
Pool: 4.3%

In-Unit Washer/Dryer Is Very Important

The most sought-after apartment amenity in Portland is having a washer and dryer within the apartment unit. Nearly one-third of the people called this out as something they’re seeking.


Who can fault them? On average, people spend an entire 2.8 days on laundry each year. That’s a lot of time to spend on a chore, and it’s even longer if your renter is traveling to a laundromat or a shared laundry unit within the building.


By installing laundry units within each apartment, you have the opportunity to increase your revenue. One study found that apartments with in-unit washer/dryers rent for $50-$100 more than their counterparts. Additionally, an in-unit laundry system gives you the edge over other apartments in Portland. It’s even been successful at decreasing renter turnover.


Air Conditioning Is Gaining Interest

In 2017, Portland had one of the fiercest heat waves in its history. Despite the region’s reputation for mild, low-humidity summers, the shifting climate pattern is shifting renter behavior.


In tandem with those hot summer days, the demand for air conditioned apartments grows. That’s why air-conditioning is the second most popular apartment amenity in Portland.


Availability of air-conditioned apartments is also growing. In 2002, only 44% of Portland area apartments had air conditioning. Since then, it’s grown to 70% of apartments. When advertising your community, be sure to highlight your building’s air-conditioning so that your property is sure to show up in renters’ searches.


Eco-Conscious Attitude and Interest in Dishwashers

The city of Portland has a strong water conservation program. It’s so successful that the city’s per capita household water use is 35-48% less than national rates.


Dishwashers use 88% less water than handwashing, making them an important amenity for conservation-minded residents. That’s what makes having a dishwasher the third most sought after apartment amenity for Portland renters. In fact, dishwashers are more common in Portland apartments than they are nationally. Whereas 68% of apartments across the U.S. have dishwashers, in Portland, 79% of apartments are equipped with dishwashers.


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Randy Camat


Randy Camat is a General Sales Manager with ForRent.com, overseeing the Portland, OR market.

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