What’s Your Style? Creating Your Space According to Your Taste

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Most apartment dwellers are in one of three categories. You’re totally in love with your space and you can’t wait to host your next shindig. Your space is ‘meh’, just okay and it’s always in the stage of being updated. Your living quarters make you cringe inside because you feel as though you’ve just walked into the ‘Lost and Found’ and it’s less of a paradise resort and more a last resort, if anything.

Your intentions may be to have a pin-worthy space, but bedevery time you try to spruce things up, you face- palm instead. Not to fear, whether your apartment could use minimal tweaks or a complete overhaul, it’s so much easier to get started knowing your décor preferences. Home Good’s Stylecope created a fun and interactive approach of diagnosing your taste. Even if you don’t believe your horoscope reading is spot on, it is incredibly accurate when deciphering your décor personality.

Is contemporary more your style?  Or does industrial suit your personality?  Here are some great ideas.

Try it for yourself, you’ll either be pleasantly surprised or you’ll receive confirmation that your creativity is in a category fit for you!



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