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Having roommates is a great way to make life-long friends and memories. Unfortunately sometimes having a roommate means you’re going to run into some snags. One common problem when sharing your living space with others is paying the bills on time. Forgoing the use of threats (we’re kidding, of course!) we’ve pulled together a list of ways to get your roommates to pay their share of utilities on time.

Out of sight, out of mind. Hang the bill where your roommate will see it. While taping the bill to their bedroom door will ensure your roommate will see it, it may also be perceived as a little aggressive. Unless your roommate is super-human, they’re going to make a visit to the kitchen to make a sandwich. Tape the bill to the fridge and highlight the date, due date and amount. Then divide the total in half (or thirds, etc. depending on how many roommates you have) so they know the portion they are responsible for.

Buy a calendar. I’m all about making the most of my fridge space but bill paying becomes a lot easier if you buy a magnetic calendar. Mark the due dates bills need to be paid so there are no surprises.

Email. You can also request that your bills be emailed to you for easy storage. Be sure to forward the bill to your roommate so that you have electronic documentation.


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