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In your purse, on the counter, in the car, under the sofa, on the floor or in your hand–it seems like it’s too easy to misplace those evasive keys.  You just never seem to put them in the same place twice!  If this sounds like you, then key holders are going to change your life.

We’ve found some simple and easy DIY key holders that you can personalize and hang by your door to make sure you never lose those keys again!

This first one is a favorite!  Scrapbook a plaque with fun paper pieces and fix however many hooks you need to the bottom.  Then frame pictures above the hooks for the hook that belongs to the picture and decorate with keys!  This one even has leash hooks for the dogs!  How cute.

This one has a fun, beachy theme using a rustic picture frame, some seashells, and some nails! 

This last one is a bit more simple, just a wooden plaque with an antique key painted on it and some hooks attached.

The possibilities are endless with these crafty little organizers, so create your own unique look for your apartment!  And hold on to those keys!

Pictures by: fairytalefrosting, Claudia Amory, and Chef Pocatello on flickr.com

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