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When decorating a small space, particularly with seasonal décor, it is important to remember to keep things simple. If you are already limited in area, you certainly don’t need to add in a bunch of junk that only clutters things up! As a small space dweller, I’ve learned a few things about seasonal decorating for tight spaces. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite ideas for fall decorating in your small space!

Use your walls as a decorating space so that you aren’t taking up space otherwise in your rooms. I DIYed this fall paint chip garland a couple of years ago. It’s so simple! Simply use a circle cutter (or scissors, if you’re brave and have an even-handed cut!) to punch holes in old paint chips that you’ve collected from hardware stores. You could also easily use scrapbook or other crafting paper. I picked some basic fall colors, like white, orange and brown but also added in a pop of magenta pink for fun!

Another idea is to combine fun and function, so that you aren’t wasting space for just seasonal décor. For example, I filled a basket last fall with textured, fall colored wicker balls and some apples that my family picked from a local apple farm. I typically use this basket, which sits on my kitchen table, to store fruit and vegetables. By simply adding a few decorative elements to what is already a functional space, I didn’t waste any necessary room with my fall décor.

Another way to make a big impact in your small space without bringing in too much seasonal décor is to use natural elements. The autumn season is filled with amazing natural textures and colors- pumpkins, gourds, corn, leaves, acorns, apples… the list is endless! Steal a scene from Mother Nature by using these items to simply decorate your home. Here, I framed leaves from my yard in an empty picture frame to create an easy, beautiful art display.

Finally, don’t forget to decorate your outdoor spaces! If you’re cramped on the inside of your apartment or home, use outdoor spaces such as your patio or front door to show off your fall décor. Then you are keeping the items out of your main living space while still sharing in the season of fall!



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