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Keeping you home organized and efficient is everyone’s dream…wait or is that just me? I love to organize, especially small spaces where I can get it done today. Many times it is some of the smallest spaces in our homes that can get the messiest.

Today we are talking about under the bathroom sink. That place where it is small and where lots of things get crammed and lost. Start thinking of each space and how you use it. What do you need under the bathroom sink really? We tend to place lots of things we never use, like 12 bottles of extra shampoo or hairs gels that we didn’t like but we hang on to them for some reason. Toss that stuff or give it to a friend. Only keep what you are using in your shower.

The best way to analyze a space is by clearing it out and looking at it empty. When working under a bathroom sink there are always the pipes to work around. Just remember that you need to use the horizontal and the vertical space.

Start in the back, I call this the layer effect. You will want to place those items that are used least often in the back, like light bulbs and tissues for instance.

Then make room for towels and sheets. I took a shelving rack that is traditionally used in kitchen cabinets for plates and bowls. This is perfect for extra sheets and wash clothes. It’s great to be able to reach all of your items as easily as possible.

I also love these Sterilite brand drawers. I use them for lots of organizing projects. They are great for separating many of the small things that get all jumbled up in a drawer. Medicine, toothpaste and toothbrush, razors, contacts and solution for examples fit perfectly in here.

So take a minute to assess under your bathroom sink, are you using it efficiently? If not, take some of these ideas for making better use of under your bathroom sink.



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