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While apartment living may bring a smaller space than you would like, it doesn’t have to be without stylish decorating.  Most people fall into the myth that a small wall requires small art, that you should keep the size of the art in proportion to the size of the wall.  While proportions matter in some home decorating, it is not always the case.

When you are trying to personalize a space the walls are a great place to start.  Since most renters aren’t allowed to paint, using art is a great way to make a big impact in a small space.

 The great thing about art is that it is all up to you.  You get to choose whatever you love.  Think outside of the box.  Mix it up as well.  Use metal pieces with wood frames, chalkboards, photos from trips, baskets, just to name a few.

The best way to make a big impact is to go big.  Fill the wall with BIG pieces.  Take a look around at what you already have.  Then start playing with arrangements.  You will probably not use it all on this one wall but you can add those extra pieces other places.

Be sure to decorate high and low when it comes to the art.  Use all of the wall space that you can.  Adding a bench is also a great way to make a big impact and a practical place for extra guests to sit when you are having people over.

 Start with your biggest piece first to see where you want it to go.  Then fill in the space around it.  I like to keep some symmetry if I can so I use the outer lines of all my pieces to create a box.  If you are they type of person who doesn’t need symmetry, then let your imagination take over and create the shape you enjoy.

If you are starting out and don’t have many big pieces here are some great places to shop; Home Goods, Target and Ross are three of my favorite places to find inexpensive art.

Now when you look around your space you will no longer notice plain beige walls.  Your art will be a star.



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