Live With a Friend or Stranger?

    College can be a scary thing to jump into and while rooming with your best friend may seem like the best way to make that transition, it can also be disastrous.  What will be best for you?  I found some advantages for both living with a friend, and with a stranger.  After you take a […]

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    Beer for Your Tailgate

    While some may choose to bypass the alcoholic beverages this football season, many of us will be sipping our favorite beer, while chomping on whatever the grill gods have served up. The Brewers Association has a fantastic beer and food pairing chart but for our purposes we’ve narrowed it down to three tailgate favorites. Pale ales […]

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    Have that perfect picture that should be framed and sold as posters?  Or the moment caught that needs a little caption?  PinWords is a site made just for putting words to those precious moments captured.  It couldn’t be easier to use! Simply: 1.  Go to the site. 2.  Upload your photo. 3.  Choose the placement. […]

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  • DIY

    Quick Fixes

      I stumbled upon this website that a friend posted and I was so excited for some of the tips I saw.  These are some simple, quick-fix ideas that could make your life a lot easier!  It will have you saying, “Why didn’t I think of that?”  These tips can take a load off your […]

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    Tailgating Essentials

    The last thing you want to worry about on the morning of the football game is something you may have forgotten.  So what should you bring to your tailgate to ensure the fun never stops? Plates and cups Pocket knife Bug repellent Butane lighter Ponchos (in case of rain) First aid kit Chairs The grill […]

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