Power Color for Home Decor: Turquoise

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There is something commanding about the color turquoise. Its unique shade of blue with a greenish tint is based on the gemstone adored by many. But the color has really become popular in accessories such as jewelry and purses to home décor. The fact that it goes with so many other colors (white, cream, yellow, green, brown, purple, etc.) makes it an ideal color to add into your life.

So how can you bring in turquoise into your home décor? We’ve got a few creative ideas that are relatively simple to help you out.

  • Incorporate turquoise in unsuspecting places, like a random piece of furniture or an accessory item (curtain, pillow, rug, etc.).
  • To get a cottage like feel, incorporate turquoise with other hues such as light pink, white or pale yellow. For a vintage type feeling, floral patterns and toile should be featured.
  • For a calming, soothing effect try combining turquoise with a neutral tan. Add punches of seafoam green to get a beachy feel along with a few shells to complement the relaxing atmosphere.
  • Turquoise and black are strong contrasting colors, and when mixed with a damask pattern, it will give any room a real trendy feel. But don’t feel limited with damask; plaid, graphic floral prints and paisley are also great options.
  • A really elegant look is the combination of turquoise with chocolate brown. There are tons of patterns that come in this combination, making it easy to integrate the color scheme with your personality. For example, a chocolate brown and turquoise bedspread can really add romance to a bedroom.

For more decorating ideas or trends, check out our post Color Trends for 2010.

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