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It’s no surprise that college students are turning to social media to find their future roommates. After all, teens and young adults are constantly plugged into social networks, and they tend to prefer social media as their primary form of communication. Utilizing social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to find a college roommate can make the search process easier and assist students in finding a compatible roommate to rent an apartment with, which will contribute to a positive college experience.


How To Find a College Roommate Using Facebook


When searching for a college roommate, Facebook is a valuable resource for meeting peers from your university. Fellow students are easy to find using Facebook’s option to search for people by Education and Expected Graduation Year. It is a great way to learn about the interests and personalities of the people that you’re going to school with, and you can use that knowledge to find an apartment for rent with someone who has a similar lifestyle.


Look for Facebook groups and pages for students at your university. They are typically created by a peer or a university official for students to join as incoming freshman. They are a useful resource for meeting peers, and a good place to begin your roommate search. RoomSync, a Facebook app that uses profile information to match college roommates based on similar interests, is also a great tool for finding the perfect roommate match.


How To Find a College Roommate Using Twitter


Twitter is a fun social media outlet, where witty 140 characters-or-less remarks are rampant, but did you know that it’s also a great resource for finding a college roommate to rent an apartment with? While Twitter may not have as thorough of search options as Facebook, it offers the ability to use hashtags to ensure that the right people are seeing your Tweets.


Use Twitter to share that you are looking for a #roommate near your university or in the town where your university is located, making sure that you use the hashtag with the keyword ‘roommate’! Once you have a few potential matches, get in touch with them via direct message or use other social networks to get to know them better so you can decide if they would be a good roommate for you to share an apartment with.


How To Find a College Roommate Using Google+


While Google+ is still relatively new, the abundance of resources available make it worthwhile to check out when you’re searching for a college roommate to rent an apartment with! Google+ allows you to post status updates using keywords with hashtags, incorporating a bit of both Facebook and Twitter’s search options.


One of the best reasons to use Google+ to find a roommate is the ability to use a Google Hangout to have video conversations once you’ve identified other roommate-seekers from your university. If you don’t have the opportunity to meet your potential roommate in person before making a decision, being able to chat over video is the next best thing to determine if you are compatible! Even if you find a potential roommate using another method or a different social network, consider inviting them over to Google+ so you can participate in a Hangout and get to know one another before you look for an apartment for rent.


How to Successfully Live With Your College Roommate


Moving in with someone new is exciting and terrifying all at once. After all, you are leaving the comforts of home and moving into an apartment you will be sharing with a potential stranger (who will hopefully turn into a good friend!). Regardless of how you find your roommate, be sure that you are compatible with one another and have similar interests before taking the plunge of sharing your day-to-day lives.


Once you’ve made the decision to be roommates, the next step is discussing topics such as cleaning habits, guest preferences, and the bill-paying process. Having a plan clearly laid out before moving into an apartment together will make the process of living together that much easier!


Here are more tips for finding your perfect college roommate using social media. Once you’ve found a roommate, find your ideal apartment for rent on ForRentUniversity.com. Best of luck with your search!


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