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If your days are packed and you are trying to get in some more exercise, investing in a few items you can use at the apartment can be a great idea. You don’t have to join a health club to get a good fitness routine going. Try using some of these items to help boost your exercise routine:

  • A pair of free weights. These are easy to stash and simple to use. You can get them at just about any health and fitness store. Use them to do some bicep curls while watching television in the evening or while you are on the phone. (Or, use canned goods as weights. A big can of tomatoes goes far.)
  • Exercise bands. These can be great additions to an exercise program. They are very small, so they store easily, but pack a good punch in terms of staying in shape. You can use these bands to work on building or maintaining strength in your arms or your legs.
  • Ankle weights. These usually wrap around your ankle and add a little weight for leg lifts. Also great to help anchor feet during crunches.
  • Stability ball. These are not exactly small, but are superior workout tools. There are many exercises that can be done on them that are very effective. Plus, they help build the little muscles that are often overlooked by regular lifting.
  • Workout videos. You’ll find everything from yoga to kick-boxing.
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