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Are there rules for college roommates? Not really, but there should be sometimes! Here are some time-tested tips for being the best roommate you can be while away at school:

  • Talk to each other. Make sure resentments don’t build up. Fights can happen that way.
  • Have respect for the other person’s things. Don’t borrow without asking and try not to move their stuff around if possible.
  • Be polite. This goes a long way. Say please and thank you. Ask before having company over and don’t be loud late at night. It’s only fair.
  • Realize you’ll have to make sacrifices. Nobody gets their own way all of the time. Nor should they.
  • Clean up. You don’t have to be spotless all the time, but do a little picking up every day.
  • Give the person a little space. Everyone needs some alone time.
  • Be nice. Once in a while spring for dinner or buy the toilet paper without being asked. A little bit of goodwill goes a very long way.

The best part about all of these tips is that they can really apply to any roommate situation. If you start in college, you’ll be totally ready for life, and roommates, later on.

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