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Living in an apartment can sometimes mean that entertaining is a concern. Finding places to put people for a fancy dinner or making sure that the place has enough seating for a baby shower may make you want to consider renting furniture. This may at first sound expensive, but there are plenty of cost-effective options out there for people who need a little help in this type of situation.

Some common rental items for additional seating include sofas, folding chairs and regular chairs. Chair covers are also available, as well as table linens if you are opting for a fancy party. You can also add more table space to the room if need be.

Fun items to rent include things such as candelabras, decorative containers for arranging a fancy centerpiece or vases. Lighting is usually available as well if you want to do something truly dramatic.

Specialty items for "theme parties" are also rented through many places. Items can really be anything; check with different venues to see what they have available. You can get things for themes ranging from Hollywood Glamour to the Wild West; and just about everything in between. This can set the stage for a really fun evening, without any extravagant purchases on your part.

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