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70 percent of apartment dwellers now share their space with a furry friend—that’s a lot of pups to take care of! Fortunately, many apartment communities are recognizing their growing four-legged population and they’re beginning to offer services for Bowser as part of their amenities package.

In fact, some of these urban dogs have it so good, it’s a wonder their human owners don’t get a tiny bit jealous. With treats, doggie spas, and community playdates, they make apartment pet owning look like a walk in the park. So, sit, stay, and check out these drool-worthy apartment amenities that will make you and your pooch bark for joy.

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On-site Grooming Services

No more dirty pawprints on the carpeting! Luxury buildings now offer full-service dog grooming so that all tenants can look their very best. Four-legged residents can enjoy on-site grooming services that rival your monthly salon appointment. Pet pedicures, dental cleanings, deep conditionings, baths and brush-outs are just some of the swanky services available for your high-class city pup.

Boarding and Pet Sitting

There’s nothing worse than being called away for an urgent business trip or family emergency as a pet owner. Scheduling last-minute pet care can mean a lot of time spent making calls—and sacrificing sitter quality, too. That’s why some units have been integrating apartment pet sitting services into their pet-friendly amenities. On-site boarding? Definitely gets your tail wagging!

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In-House Dog Walkers

Between work and after-hours social commitments, it can be difficult for the average urbanite to get home to let Fido out. But those missed walks not only threaten your floors and furniture—according to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP), more than half of the pets in the US are overweight. But plenty of apartments realize that both pups and people could benefit from a little extra exercise—that’s why they offer additional dog-walking services as an amenity for residents. So while you’re busy bringing home the bacon, your pet can be working it off.

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Built-in Dog Parks—and More!

Dog-owners love to meet other dog lovers. That’s why a rising apartment trend is to offer not only an outdoor area and dog wash, but also they also community dog parties so pets and owners can get out and sniff each other out. That should help you pick out some good candidates for doggie playdates—or maybe even date-dates.

And for Your Feline Friend

Fear not, cat lovers! Your little bundle of fluff doesn’t have to go ignored. Plenty of complexes now offer in-rental cat nannies to make sure your kitty stays stimulated and safe when you’re at work—and keeps their claws away from your leather sectional!


If you are currently looking for a new apartment, search for pet-friendly apartments near you!

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