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After all the fun and frustration of moving, setting up your bills, and arranging a new WIFI password, it’s easy to forget the minor but more crucial detail: updating your address. With everything available online, this task is usually complete within minutes. However, there are some easily forgotten paper details that need to be filled out.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind when updating your new address, and how to get all settled:

1. Check With Your Bank
While it’s important your grandma knows where to send the Christmas card this year, before you get wrapped up in any other details, call your bank and update your debit and credit card information. Generally you have a few days of grace period with your credit card, but once that time is up, your bank will start finding rent, utilities, and internet payments at a new address suspicious. They don’t know you moved —they think someone is paying their bills on your buck! Getting things updated will only take a few minutes of your time over the phone and will save you frozen assets.

2. Update Your Address in Your Phone
Most modern phones let you create a full profile to attach to your number, making it easy to ask Siri for directions to “home” and letting it automatically fill in the information with online forms. Don’t forget to pop in and update your address there, so you can easily copy and paste it over when messaging your friends about address updates, and also make the process of updating it online easy.

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3. Make a List of Subscription Services
While mail forwarding will take care of your subscriptions for the first few weeks, you’ll have to let your magazine and similar subscriptions know about your move eventually. Compile your current mailing lists and visit their sites to bring your information up-to-date. As a bonus, this is a great time to see which subscriptions you really like and want, and which you’ve been holding on to for necessity. It’s a lovely way to cut down on some low level expenses while freeing up your mailbox.

4. Update Your Facebook Status
Rather than waiting to run into each of your friends or colleagues, post a quick status update on your Facebook or other social media accounts so people know where to drop by to hang out or where to send their cards. If you don’t want to be so formal, some social media sites allow you to update your address in your personal information. However, that can lead to some privacy concerns, if you’re “friends” with people you don’t want to stop by. In that case, write out a blanket message and forward it to all of your intended friends to save yourself time and worry.

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5. Look Into Your Social Work Accounts
If you work online, or if possible employers care a great deal about where in a city or state you’re located, you’ll want to update your social media work accounts. This applies to LinkedIn, Upwork, or any other sites you use. You may have to personally contact the support teams to get them to verify the location update, but in any case, it’ll only take a few minutes.

6. Mail Out Some “Change of Address” Cards
If grandma isn’t on social media or you don’t have access to their email address, then you’ll have to go old school. Pop down to a local card store and get ahold of some “change of address” cards to mail out to your friends, family, or colleagues. If you can’t find any locally, then there are plenty of sites online that will custom create and send cards for you, so you can add a little “hello” and updates on your life along with letting them know about your new location. Think of it like a moving Christmas card!

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7. Mail Forwarding? Take a Trip to the Post Office or Go Online
Speaking of mail forwarding, the post office will start printing “return to sender” if they don’t know where you are. Generally you can mention what your old address was when you establish your new one, and they’ll automatically make a note to forward your mail. Sometimes not. To be on the safe side, visit your post office immediately after you move or even during the move and specifically arrange for mail forwarding. Sometimes the post office website will allow you to arrange this as well, but may not because of privacy concerns.



Updating your address isn’t difficult in and of itself —but you can forget about all the little places it needs done. Keep this checklist in mind to get that out of the way, and then think about how to get your security deposit back.

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