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With Valentine’s Day sneaking up quickly, Homes.com and ForRent.com take a step back to look at the most romantic cities in the U.S. to share their power of love in relationships and apartment living options.  Take a look and see if you can find some love for these awesomely unique areas.

 Cupid Cities

10. San Diego, CA offers beautiful beaches and amazing weather all year long.  The warmer climate allows for outdoor activities all year long keeping you and your partner in the romantic spirit.  Many apartment communities offer pools and fitness rooms, to meet the demand of the active lifestyle of San Diegans; keeping you in shape for that special someone!


9. New Orleans, LA is a city rich in art, culture, food, and the latest Super Bowl, Super Bowl 47.  Many think this great city is only about partying; however, New Orleans has beautiful architecture and an amazing culture that is unique and perfect for your romantic getaway.  Cupid might strike when you see what the extravagant apartment communities in this city have to offer.  Our spotlight on New Orleans provides even more information this amazing city.


8. Las Vegas, NV has unlimited options to keep the “spark” going in your relationship.  As you could imagine, there are apartment communities close to the strip, or, if you are looking for something a little easier on the wallet and a little more low key, there are tons of communities outside of the strip, as well.  Perfect for the couple looking for access to the entertainment but may also want a quiet night at home.  While Vegas is certainly an adult playground, it makes for a fantastic home, as well.


7. Santa Fe, NM is among the best romantic retreats, according to a list from U.S. News Travel.  The desert backdrop offers unparalleled views for date nights, and boasts a thriving food culture, to “boot.”  This city offers excellent prices on apartments, with a reasonable $1,080 as the median rent price on ForRent.com, so if you are looking for a good “bang for your buck,” definitely check out Santa Fe.


6. Chicago, IL is one of the largest cities in the country; with an active sports, food and art scene.  Additionally, the windy city is a thriving dating location with views that are sure to take any couple’s breath away.  As long as you can brave the cold and the wind, this city may be a perfect match for your upbeat lifestyle.


Be sure to read the second half of the country’s most romantic cities, and receive other tips on your next apartment hunt!

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